The Island of Love

Where better to celebrate your love than the island of love? And how fitting that the goddess of love, Aphrodite, emerged from the sea of Paphos!

Paphos is a picture perfect destination, always ready to host a glowing wedding under the bright blue sky and the crystal waters of the Mediterranean reflecting the year-round sun.

You can be rest assured that in Paphos there will be no muddy puddles on your aisle, no wedding guests drenched in sudden rains and no surprisingly cold days to stress you out on your wedding day!


Cyprus has long, dry summers from mid-May to mid-October and mild winters from December to February. Autumn and spring seasons are relatively short. Cyprus is known for the abundance of sunshine one can enjoy year-round. If you want to see more about the weather in Cyprus, check the Meteorological Service’s website at

About Cyprus

A sunny island with sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, idyllic nature paths, delicious food, rich culture, diverse religious sites, sports activities, relaxing scenery and all that with friendly people and easy access across the island, Cyprus is indeed the perfect destination for all kinds of tourists.